27 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Go Back To Work After A Trip

25 Everyone Has When They Go Back To Work After A Holiday | Currently Rachel - UK Style & Beauty Blog 25 Everyone Has When They Go Back To Work After A Holiday | Currently Rachel - UK Style & Beauty Blog

  1. It’s so early. Why is it so early?
  2. How am I meant to function at this hour? Can I bring my duvet to work?
  3. Thank you to whatever genius made office kitchens with endless coffee and tea provisions a thing. Today you are my god.
  4. Shit, what’s my password? I should really write this stuff down.
  5. This isn’t so bad, I don’t have that many unread emails.
  6. Oh wait, it’s still loading. Fuck. There’s millions.
  7. Please dear god, let my voicemail folder be empty at least.
  8. I really hope someone notices my new shoes. I am looking fab today, let’s not lie to ourselves.
  9. I wonder what fad diet everyone is trying out this week.
  10. I heard 2016 was the year everyone goes gluten free. Maybe it’s that.
  11. I knew I should have worn a jumper. This office is so cold. I feel like my nipples could cut glass.
  12. I hope no one can see my nipples.
  13. Maybe I’ll just spend the whole day with my arms crossed while I adjust to British weather again.
  14. Is it acceptable to propose after-work drinks tonight when it’s not even 10 o’clock yet?
  15. Right, let’s make a to-do list. Get organised. Hit the ground running.
  16. Wow, how long was I away? How do I have this much to do?
  17. Have I always been this busy? What’s with all the meetings?
  18. In fact, what even is my job? I feel like I’ve forgotten everything.
  19. Current count of people asking me how my holiday was: 15.
  20. Maybe I should just send out an office-wide email telling everyone I had a great time so I stop repeating myself.
  21. I’m so hungry. Is it too early to have a snack?
  22. More importantly, where should I go for lunch?
  23. I mean, I know I brought in a sandwich but I really like the pastries at that one place.
  24. Ugh, I can’t stop thinking about the food at that café opposite my hotel.
  25. Maybe I should just write a travel blog about food for a living. Now that would be the dream.
  26. Is that even a job people get paid to do?
  27. I wonder how many holiday days I have left now.
  • I just discovered your blog and I’m loving this post – I couldn’t agree more! Or when you come back after Christmas jsut the worst 🙂 Going back through your archives now 🙂 Sophie xxx

    • Ahh, you’re so sweet. Thanks, Sophie!

  • “I feel like my nipples could cut glass.”

    I. AM. DONE. LOVING this one, Rachel, and trust me when I say I had a good 5 mins hysterical laugh. LOVE.

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin’

  • HAHAHAH sooo true!! My fav is how many holiday days i have left. i am always planning another holiday or trip around long weekends.


    • Me too. It’s important to have something to look forward to.