5 Friday Faves | 13.05.16

5 Friday Faves | Currently Rachel - UK Style & Beauty Blog

Welcome to my first Friday Faves post of 2016. Apparently my last Friday Faves was posted in November. I’m rarely one to comment on how fast the year is going and blah blah blah, but suddenly it does seem wild that it’s already May.

In lieu of an April Favourites post, because I honestly couldn’t think of anything I particularly loved in April, I’ve been thinking a lot about enjoying the little things this past week. Taking more joy from everyday, practicing gratitude and all of that. I have a little notebook that I carry around with me everywhere. Call it a bullet journal or whatever you like. I write everything in it. From to-do lists, notes, and blog post ideas. I try to also write little things I’m grateful for every day in it too. Sometimes I don’t manage it, but it feels good to consciously acknowledge those nice moments sometimes.

That’s kind of the theme of this Friday Faves post. Enjoying things, however small. Whatever makes you happy should be appreciated.

1. Beyoncé – I could write an entire Favourites post entirely dedicated to Beyoncé’s new album: Lemonade. I won’t, because I’m not the right person to do that, but I am seriously obsessed. My girlfriend and I will listen to the whole album all the way through multiple times a day. It’s a winner, although what else did you expect from Queen Bey?

2. Summertime – There is something about nicer weather and longer days that make my mood noticeably better. The past week has seen some of the warmest, sunniest weather yet this year in the UK and I’ve been loving it. I feel so energised and motivated to go out and do things, see people. Over the weekend I had a barbecue with some of my friends and everything just felt right with the world. It’s probably a sign I should move to LA and live in the sun 24/7, right?

3. ‘Love’ on Netflix – Speaking of LA, a new show I began watching (and finished watching…) this week was the Netflix Original Series ‘Love’. The premise was nothing groundbreaking: ‘nice nerdy guy meets girl with a crazy life, attraction and chaos ensues, with a backdrop of arty LA scenery. It was an easy watch, but I found it oddly comforting. Seeing two people in their ’30s who don’t have their shit together yet is always reassuring when you’re 23 and feeling a little lost in the world.

4. Crumpets – Yes, the food. I bought some this week and I forgot how much I love them. Are crumpets a UK thing, or do other countries eat them? They make me a little nostalgic. We always had crumpets at my mum’s house when I lived there. I found myself waking up every day, excited to eat breakfast because I got to smother two beautiful crumpets with butter.

5. Cozy Girls – Two of my favourite Twitter users Amy Bottril and her best friend, Chloe, have teamed up to create one of my new favourite YouTube channels: Cozy Girls. They discuss everything from make up to mental health and need 100x more views than they currently receive. My latest obsession is their Make Up Essentials video because their make up is always A+ and I am 99% sure I’m going to buy most of the products they recommended.